domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Dj got us falling in love again.

+I'm having me a party
-I don't think I can come
+Uh,uh, this ain't just any kind of party
-Nah, I think I'll stay at home
+Uh, oh, no It's gonna be really, really hot
-Startin' to sound good
+I'm gonna put you on the spot
- Baby, maybe I should
+Yeah, there'll be lots of one on one
-Guess I could be there
+Come on and join the fun
-What should I wear?
+I'll tell you that it.. doesn't matter what you wear 'cause it's only gonna be you and me there -Whoa!
+I'm having a party, a party for two invitin' nobody, nobody but you
+You'll be sexy in your socks
-We could polish the floors
+In case that anybody knocks
-Let's lock all the doors
+Yeah, all the things I'm gonna do
-I'm gonna do with you
+I wanna try something new
-I wanna try it, too
+I tell you that it...
-It doesn't matter what I wear 'cause it's only gonna be
You and me there
-I'm here
+You're there
-That's all
+We really need
-We're gonna party hearty
+Just you and me
-Don't think about it now
+Don't even doubt it now
+I'm inviting you to a party for two
+Aww, all the things I'm gonna do
-I'm gonna do with you
+I'm gonna try something new with you, boy
-I wanna try that, too
+That was great!
-Let’s do it again!
The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name. You're beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change.

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