viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010


Couldn't feel much better than the way I fell tonight, feel like I could live forever, feel like I could fly. When I thought I'd get it wrong you somehow make things right.
That's the way you make me feel.
It's better than I've ever known it, better than it's ever been. I can't seem to control it. The way you make me feel. Like the sun coming up in the morning, like holding the world in your hands in a way I could never imagine. The way you make me feel.  I couldn't feel much better than when I'm here with you. You make everything seem so easy. I'm telling you the truth. You never try to please me but always do.
Simple things you do to me
, simple things you say. I sometimes can't believe it's for real.That's the way you make me feel.

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